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Voice & Data Cabling

Premier Connect is a leading installer of voice and data cabling. Our solutions are designed to support advanced networks critical to day-to-day operations. With structured cabling systems, you can maximize your network infrastructure investment while minimizing operating expenses. Our systems are built to adapt to your ever-changing data hardware needs with solutions that can easily scale as your business grows. We install Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7, fiber, coaxial, audio, video and voice cables tailored to fit your business's present and future technical needs. Whether you’re operating through a single data center or multiple sites, we have quality solutions to help you run more efficiently. 

Voice and data cabling Premier Connect inc.

IP Video Surveillance

IP Digital CCTV Premier Connect Inc.

Video surveillance and monitoring has become an essential tool in today's world. With Premier Connect’s digital surveillance, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that a well implemented and designed surveillance system is working for you 24/7. We provide and install a variety of cutting edge video surveillance equipment. Unlike point-to-point coax cabling systems used in traditional closed-circuit TV applications, our internet protocol surveillance systems allow for an easier and more efficient monitoring experience. IP digital surveillance systems record higher resolution videos than analog systems. We pair cameras, detectors, and sensors to establish an intelligent surveillance system that works with the security server on your IT network. 


Voice over internet protocol technology gives users the power to enhance and simplify their communication systems. Premier Connect provides IP-based telephony services that give businesses increased flexibility and mobility not achievable with traditional phone service. By eliminating the need for costly hardware, VoIP systems can save your business money. Additionally, these systems come with built-in features like call forwarding and voicemail. Our secure and reliable virtual phone solutions can work seamlessly with existing infrastructure or we can build a custom solution to fit your specific requirements. 

VoIP solution Premier Connect Inc.

Business A/V

Business Audio and Video Premier Connect Inc.

We specialize in commercial audio visual solutions to fulfill your every need. Offering a large catalogue of tools, we can help you optimize your conference centers, command and control facilities, training centers, meeting rooms, lobbies, common areas and more. Our experts design and instal A/V systems tailored to your individual specifications. Enhance your space with state of the art solutions that change the way your business looks and operates. Give your business a competitive edge with modernized facilities that harness the power of the latest technology. Whether you’re looking for digital signage, audio systems, videoconferencing, or video walls, Premier Connect has your business covered. 

Access Points

Premier Connect offers a large catalogue of WiFi tools, we can help you optimize your conference centers, command and control facilities, training centers, meeting rooms, lobbies, common areas and more. With a properly designed and deployed wireless network, we ensure that your facilities run more smoothly and stay securely connected. 

Wifi Access point
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